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Active Asia.

Active Asia were a travel agency based in Auckland’s busy Ponsonby district. I say ‘were’ as Covid 19 has ravished the tourism industry and this business.

While it is a shame, as it was one of New Zealand’s premium go-to asian travel developers, Active Asia can be proud of its pioneering attitude to quality travel destinations and the ‘positive people working together with positive people’ ethic.

Intrepid Travelling Wilburys.

Although currently passive with the global travel restrictions, Active Asia was a leader in wholesale travel packages into all of South East Asia. Let’s hope that tourism can continue be a major part of many families vacations in the future.

The “magalog” concept grew from a creative departure from the normal catalogue thinking.

Design, production, optimised images on the fly for web, proofing systems and print management. All part of the full publishing service.