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ClipCrate is an environmentally friendly freight solution developed for protection, storage, reusability and flexibility.

From a ‘eureka’ moment from Tim of Aluminate Solutions, the ClipCrate product made an immediate impact in the logistics of packing of aluminium joinery, by proving less damage and goods loss, which was a problem during the factory-to-site delivery process.

The Clipcrate website introduces the benefits of the clip together system as well as the opportunity to enquire about custom sizes and options.

Olivia demonstrates

 We also shot and produced a short video showing the ease of assembly and the speed of which it can be clipped together then knocked back down for minimal space use.

Building the branding.

The idea was to be able to “brand” the crates using a simple stencil, but which would also translate into a 3D cubical icon that is easily recognised within the freight industry.