Our skills are many and varied, but invariably they all lead to one common goal. To communicate through good design and top shelf implementation.

Projects almost always uncover additional elements that need to be addressed, so we like to try and spread the deck of cards out initially, to see what we are dealing with. 

Brand. Development.

Starting from scratch, or refreshing an existing product or service, branding reflects the goals and aspirations of the owners. We see this process as a ’cause and effect’ of a clients end need requirements.

Consultation process.

From that intial discussion we can report back to the client, identifing the goals and aspirations – and working out the market strategy.


Whether it’s using a pencil & sketch pad, or a high-end digital tool, concepts come from a creative process of thought, discussion then elimination. Turning the possibles into the probables.

Idea presentation.

Depending on the range of objectives, a static presentation and rationale will set the parameters of the project. From here we can split the various extensions into easy-to-manage tasks.

Production planning.

Part of a brand exersize is creating an asset library. This might be a suite of logo or brandmark lockups in all forms of media, or a full brand identity kit for sub contractor use. Rules of engagement.

Digital. Design. Web.

Digital aspects cover a raft of platforms. Apps, Web, Software, Animations. Design is intertwined with this, along with User experiences, interfaces and logic.


Begin at the beginning.

Identify what the end product is used for and discuss all avenues. Planning here provides the roadmap for the final outcome.


User stories and outcomes.

Create the story, which in turn discovers the interaction and the framework for the next step.

Wire frame concepts.

Static wire frames give a good indication of the user interface and the actual look and feel of the App or Webapp design. Often this may reflect an existing corporate identity or a new brand rollout.

The build.

Our developers are well versed in multi-coding in a myriad of programming frameworks. When we scope a project we are open and transparent with how we intend to stage the outcomes. Future proofing the app is very important.

Marketing. Advertising.

Stimulating and thought provoking… that’s what good creative and sound media strategy, along with ‘aim high’ production is all about. Our process is simple. meet the brief, meet the budgets, meet the critical path.

Campaign briefing and budget.

Media, targets, strategy, considerations. All marketing and advertising follows similar guidelines ultimately resulting in a broadly-based cohesive campaign.

Outline the media.

Media opportunities are constantly evolving. What was in the last 5 years is no longer in the next. we stay in touch with the current trends and newest communication mechanisims.

Present the bright idea.

The idea needs to cover the brief and support the media strategy. Good governence here is essential. we make sure we understand the landscapes.

Production proceedures.

Transferring effectively, the elements of the campaign whether print, outdoor, digital or video, requires careful time & cost management. That is our cornerstone of achieving brilliant results.

Small in size, big on experience

Here’s a list of our skill sets. We love ’em all.

The Arts.

  • Illustration
  • Retouching
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Corporate Identity


  • App development
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce structures
  • Intranet solutions.
  • SEO
  • Social platforms


  • Point of Sale
  • Outdoor
  • Layout Design
  • Print management
  • Packaging
  • Product concepts


  • Magazines
  • Editorial
  • Layout & Design
  • eZine creation
  • Direct Marketing
  • Book Design


  • Lite Video
  • Database solutions
  • Screen Print
  • Wine design solutions
  • FMCG product design


let's do it.

We treat out clients as friends and work to get results. So if you need something outside the box, or have a project that needs some TLC to bring to life, let's do it... together.


79 Verbena Road, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact either: Stan +6421 637 953  or Vince +6421 637 952